FIFA 23: EA Scores Huge ‘Own Goal’ With Pricing Error In India, Buyers Benefit

FIFA 23: EA Scores Huge 'Own Goal' With Pricing Error In India, Buyers Benefit

There was a small glitch with Electronic Arts pre-orders of FIFA 23 in India, which buyers are now benefiting from.

In the Epic Games Store there, the game was offered for a sum of 4.80 Indian rupees, which corresponds to around 0.059 euros. A real bargain.

No cancellations

Even more annoying for EA: The error did not happen with the Standard Edition, but with the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23. Normally it should cost 3,499 rupees there, the equivalent of around 43 euros.

The good news for those who pre-ordered the game at this price point is that EA is showing its generosity and honoring this price. So there are no cancellations.

More FIFA 23 news:

“We scored a pretty spectacular own goal when we accidentally mispriced FIFA 23 on the Epic Games Store,” the company announced (via PC gamers). “It was our fault and we wanted to let you know that we will honor all pre-orders at this price.”

However, it is not known how often FIFA 23 was pre-ordered at the price.

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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