First items chosen – This is what the streamer wants to survive with

Knossi with a machete.  Next to it the logo of 7 vs Wild

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Of: Josh Grossman

Knossi must prepare well for 7 vs Wild. With his privilege of taking seven items with him, he embarks on a shopping spree.

Baden-Baden – Knossi is busy preparing for his participation in 7 vs Wild. In this survival experiment by Fritz Meinecke, seven participants will fight for their survival on a tropical island. The Twitch streamer is the only one allowed to take seven items with him due to his lack of experience. Now Knossi has selected the first items to take with him at 7 vs Wild.

Full name Jens Knossalla
Known as Knossi
birthday July 7, 1986
Place of birth malsh
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitch 2 million (as of August 2022)

Knossi: These are his first items – preparations for 7 vs Wild

What happened? He’s really going through with it. Knossi is very afraid of 7 vs Wild and looks for support at every corner. With its participation in the second season, the streamer from Baden-Baden wants to prove its survival skills. The other contestants of 7 vs Wild Season 2 are far more experienced than the 36-year-old and the rulebook has been adjusted to compensate for this injustice.

Knossi at 7 vs Wild: First items selected – the streamer wants to survive with this © dpa: Christoph Hardt/7 vs Wild/Unsplash/Imago (Montage)

The more experienced the participant, the fewer items may be packed. Thus, Knossi may have the maximum number of seven items in his luggage. One of the favorites is only allowed to take one item – the ex-soldier already chose his item for 7 vs Wild. To make the right choice, Knossi sat down with an expert in survival gadgets on Twitch and identified the first items that cannot be missing in 7 vs Wild. This is his safe list.

  • firesteel
  • knife
  • water filter
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Therefore he chooses the objects: Making a fire and drinking clear water are two vital things that Knossi wants to make as easy as possible at all costs. In the past few days he has already been able to test a water filter and is sure of its usefulness. A knife should not be missing in Knossi’s luggage either. For general work and advancing on the tropical island, a sharp outdoor knife is an important part of Knossi’s repertoire – the blade can also be of good service for any defense against domestic beasts.

Knossi: Testing the items and selecting the final luggage – that’s still there

Did he choose other items? In his Twitch stream with the shopping tour, Knossi consults an expert from the BW online shop. All sorts of survival and outdoor gadgets are sold here, which Knossi could save ass when he takes part in 7 vs Wild. The shop entered into a cooperation with the streamer and advised him live on Twitch. There Knossi presented other items that he could use on the tropical island.

  • paracord
  • mosquito net
  • Sleeping bag
  • Alternative sleeping arrangements

This is what the expert says: In addition to the first items that are essential for survival, Knossi is probably also thinking about his well-being. In order to find peaceful and restful sleep, Knossi wants to take a sleeping bag with him, but the expert advises against it. It’s just too hot in the tropics to sleep in a sleeping bag. However, a hammock with an additional mosquito net or a versatile tarp are very good alternatives. In any case, a mosquito net should not be missing.

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The test: You can see the selection of his items in the corresponding YouTube video that we have included above. In an upcoming stream, Knossi would like to test the items and make his final choice in order to take as little damage as possible from his participation in 7 vs Wild. We won’t find out how Knossi is doing in the actual challenge until the end of the year.