Overwatch 2: How the cross-progression feature works

Overwatch 2 (Shooter) von Blizzard Entertainment

Skins, emotes, game level and much more may have accumulated on the account of players of the team-based arena shooter Overwatch since the 2016 release. The American developer Blizzard Entertainment has now announced that from August 16th it will be possible to merge several original Overwatch accounts from different platforms in order to transfer the accumulated progress to a single profile of the second part.

The successful multiplayer title is represented on several consoles apart from the PC: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch. The desire to be able to link one’s accounts should therefore not be uncommon and also quite understandable, after all a lot of time and possibly money has flowed into the hero gallery and level of play. However, it is important that only one account per platform can be connected at a time. So if you want to connect two accounts on the PC, you have to choose one for better or worse.

How do I connect my accounts?

“Starting August 16, all players with a linked console account will be prompted to identify, select, and confirm the accounts they wish to merge upon login. As soon as you have confirmed this, we will prepare the merger of your accounts until the release of Overwatch 2. The progress will be saved on the Battle.net account, which is required for the second part – however, there will only be one possibility Merge accounts, so use the confirm button carefully.

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How exactly are items and progression merged?

Duplicate cosmetic items from all platforms will be merged into a single Battle.net account

Ranked matches and game level are separated by entry pools of PC and consoles. If players merge multiple console accounts, the highest rank will carry over.

Overall values, such as playing time and number of wins, are added together. For best values, such as hero accuracy or killstreaks, the highest value is taken from the merged accounts.

Your highest recognition will be transferred to your merged account.

Overwatch Credits will be totaled after accounts are merged.

More information about the cross-progression feature can be found on the Overwatch website. Overwatch 2 is scheduled for release on October 4th.