PS5: switches to the invitation system when buying

PS5: switches to the invitation system when buying

Not quite two years after the PlayStation 5 went on sale, is making changes to the sale of the console.

The company is now also adapting the invitation system in Germany, which had previously been tested in the USA and Great Britain.

Request invitation

This is not the case everywhere at the moment, but it is already the case this bundle with PS5 in the disc edition and Horizon Forbidden West.

On the right side, where you normally put the product in your shopping cart, you will now see an invite button.

Clicking this button will result in the following message: “Invitation requested, thank you! Next we will verify your account. The invitation depends on several factors, so we cannot predict the waiting times. If you are invited, you will receive an e- Mail with a link that is valid for 72 hours.”

Anyone can request this invitation. It also means that an Amazon Prime subscription is no longer required for PS5 purchases, as has been the case since mid-2021.

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