RimWorld Console Edition: Gameplay video from the building game

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A new video shows you the introduction of RimWorld Console Edition on Xbox Series X.

RimWorld Console Edition is a sci-fi colony simulation driven by intelligent narrator AI.

The narrator AIs trigger random events to let you participate in tragic, curious and triumphant stories.

Every thunderstorm, attack, and traveling merchant is an AI-triggered event that will impact your story.

There are three storytellers you can choose from:
Cassandra Classic: Cassandra tells the story in such a way that the tension and difficulty curve rises in a classic way. She will pressure you with dangerous events, but give you a break in between.

Randy Random: Randy does what he wants. He will generate random events no matter how easy or hard they are to counter. Everything is drama for him.

Phoebe Chillax: Phoebe gives you plenty of time between disasters so you can build your colony in peace. But beware – on high difficulty, she hits just as hard as any other storyteller.

But this is just the beginning, build up your colony, take care of the needs of your colonists, grow food, do research to develop yourself, tame animals and train them, travel all over the planet to trade with or for other colonies to attack.

RimWorld Console Edition is available for 39.99 euros Microsoft Store available.

Here’s the introduction of RimWorld Console Edition:

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