Rumor Mill: EA, Marvel and Xbox Cloud Gaming Upgrade

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Week after week we report on the most important leaks and news from the gaming industry in our rumor mill. Last week the focus was on leaked footage from the Diablo 4 alpha and the Dead Island 2 re-reveal. This week, however, the focus is on Electronic Arts and the Xbox cloud gaming.

Another Marvel-licensed EA game?

In a previous rumor mill, we had already reported on a possible Black Panther game from Electronic Arts. But according to industry insider Jeff Grubb, the single-player project is not the only Marvel title currently being worked on under the EA banner. Finally, according to the industry insider, another single-player Marvel game is in development. Other insiders like Shpeshal Nick or Tom Henderson speak of it iron man as a possible brand for the title.

However, while the former speaks of a very early stage of the project, the latter has no reliable sources to confirm Iron Man. This project has not yet been officially confirmed by EA.

Rumor mill: Kojima is preparing the first game trailer

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still years away

According to Tom Henderson, fans of Ubisoft’s cult classic will have to wait a few more years for the sequel to be released. After all, the current state of the game is still very unfinished from the point of view of the industry insider. At least that’s what the footage suggests he saw.

Upgrade to Xbox Cloud Gaming

It is currently in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate possible to stream numerous games on different devices. But according to new screenshots of the Xbox Cloud Hubs this could soon be possible for titles outside of the Xbox Gamepass. It is said here that the game you want to stream must either be part of the subscription or you must have bought the game. The latter option was not previously available. There may be more information at Gamescom in terms of cloud gaming.

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