Tower of Fantasy: 7 things you should do every day so you don’t miss any rewards

Tower of Fantasy: 7 things you should do every day so you don't miss any rewards

In the new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy there are a number of daily tasks that you should not miss. Useful rewards await.

Tower of Fantasy is an anime MMORPG by Hotta Studios that has been online since August 11th. It relies on an open world, a classless action-combat system and gacha mechanics. It’s so popular right now that there’s even a queue to log in.

In order to improve and level up your character, there are a number of daily activities to complete. You will receive experience points, cores for the gacha system and useful upgrade materials. So you shouldn’t miss them.

bounty hunts

You can complete a maximum of 4 bounty missions per day. You hunt an opponent, kill him and get rewards. These include Gold Cores, which you can use to draw weapon crates. You also get chips that you use to unlock chests in the open world.

With each hunt, you will earn Bounty XP, which will eventually increase your bounty tier. This gives you a greater chance of missions with a higher level of difficulty and thus better rewards.

You start the mission by clicking on “Adventure” in the upper right corner of the user interface (UI). Then select the “Daily Loot” under the “Recommended” tab. There you will also see how many bounty missions are still available to you that day.

You can find the Bounty Missions under Daily Loot.


You should also complete ruins every day. They are one of the most useful sources of new gear. You get shards that you can use to craft SR Relics when you’ve collected enough. If you already have the piece of gear, you can use the excess shards to upgrade it.

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You can also find the “Ruins” item in the user interface under “Recommended”. You can complete 2 of them per day.

By the way, ruins and bounty missions are reset daily at 5:00 a.m.

Mi-a’s kitchen

Mi-a is an AI who serves as your companion in Tower of Fantasy. You can visit her kitchen several times a day, where she prepares food.

You can try twice and get buffs useful in battle. In addition, you get experience points and materials from Mi-a with every meal.

Mi-a’s Kitchen resets at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 18:00 PM for a total of 6 rewards and buffs. Make sure to stop by the kitchen at least once a day.

You can try 2 times each.

Gifts on the Black Market and Cetus Island

On the map in Banges you will find the “Space Rift – Black Market” teleporter. Head there once a day to not miss a reward.

After your arrival you look for the NPC Hopkins, who lets you open a box. There are several to choose from, but the loot is random so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. A gift awaits you when you open it.

Anyone who has arrived at the Imnium Tower in Banges during the main story will shortly afterwards receive a balloon and can fly up to Cetus Island with it.

A gripping machine awaits you there, where you will receive three gifts. These are small figures that improve your characters.

Free vehicle parts

You can also improve your vehicles in Tower of Fantasy. For this you need vehicle parts, for which you should look in a few containers every day. Travel to Hykros to do this.

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To get to Hykros you have to go to an omnium tower and teleport from there.

You can also get vehicle parts in the south of Banges. To do this, travel to “Space Rift – Anxiety – Sanctuary” and search other containers there.

The more vehicle parts you find, the more dark crystals you get and can exchange them in the shop.

In the video you can see the cool motorbike from Tower of Fantasy:

Motorbikes in MMORPG? Tower of Fantasy shows a cool feature in the trailer


Don’t forget the story of Tower of Fantasy. This will still give you the most experience and progress quickly in the MMORPG.

You should check and complete newly added story content daily. You can do it in less than an hour and be richly rewarded.


Under “Adventure” you will find the “Challenge” tab. From there you can start the so-called training as often as you want.

Exactly what the training looks like varies. Through the user interface, you mark a point on the map and travel there to get to the training area. Then a mini-game starts. For example, you have to play soccer.

For technique training, you shoot the ball into the goal 8 times.

It is important that you complete the highest possible training in order to farm as many points as possible.

You get training points that you can later exchange for rewards. The Points Shop has weapon batteries, datachips and gifts for characters in your simulacrum.

What do you think of Tower of Fantasy? Have you started and already done some of the dailies? Do you play on PC, tablet or mobile? Which content do you like best so far? Is there something that bothers you? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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Tower of Fantasy is the new biggest MMORPG on Twitch – overtaking even WoW and Lost Ark