WoW: The best magician items for the cartel’s Confusing Dinar

WoW: Best Mage Items for Cartel Confusing Dinar (2)

the Season 4 in WoW: Shadowlands has started and, like many patches before it, has brought with it a new currency. This time it’s them Confusing dinars of the cartel. You can collect and spend a total of three such coins. Once you’ve burned your third coin, the merchants of Oribos will leave and you’ll have no chance to receive or exchange any more of the cartel’s Confusing Dinars. Also important to know: The three dealers only sell you weapons and jewelry. Each item costs one Confusing Cartel Dinar, regardless of item tier or origin.

Unfortunately, there are no official simulations yet that compare the items at their new item level as we type these lines. That means we’ll have to peek into the crystal ball so we can tell you what items you should be spending your precious Cartel Confusing Dinars on over the next few weeks. By the way: In the brackets next to the item names you will find the item level at which they are offered for sale.

The best dinar items for arcane mages

WoW: Best Mage Items for Cartel Confusing Dinar (2)

Source: Blizzard

If any mage playstyle is spoiled for choice, it’s the arcane mage. Since your value distribution is rather opaque, there is no one perfect weapon for you. And there are also many options when it comes to jewelry that you can get along with. In any case, use tools such as raidbots to find out your personal value distribution before you spend one of the valuable dinars and think twice about whether you want to buy this one item or not.

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The best jewels

There is one trinket that you, as an arcane mage, will want from the Dinar traders: The first seal (278) sold by So’turu. That being said, there are plenty of strong trinkets to pick up in the Season 4 Mythic Plus Dungeons instances. Note, however, that you can no longer get Season 3 hits like Fathomless Quantum Device or Wild Changeling. Their dungeons are no longer part of the Mythic Plus rotation. So if you absolutely need a better trinket, then you reach for it Cabalist Hymnal, which you can also get for one dinar. It gives you a crit bonus and benefits if allies are also wearing the trinket. Previously, the item only dropped from Denathrius.
Shopping list for game changers
If you enjoy switching between the three Mage playstyles and want to spend your Bewildering Cartel Dinars on items that are of similar value across all three playstyles, then your shopping list is soberingly short. Definitely get The First Seal (278) of So’turu – Delight of the First. This trinket is useful for all three playstyles until it’s likely to be trumped by dungeon loot at some point during the season.

You want these weapons

As an Arcane Mage, you know this: Finding an ideal secondary stat distribution is… difficult. Say the least. Because all secondary values ​​have their justification and are similarly strong for you – which is why it is essential that you regularly use a simulation program such as Simcraft or Raidbots to find out what your character needs at the moment. In general, the only thing that can be said is that intelligence is definitely the most valuable thing for you.

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Therefore, we recommend that you buy items that can be obtained at level 285 for your Confusing Cartel Dinars. The rod is available for selection Cursed Opus (285) and the off-hand weapon Recording the collapsing realities (285) from dealer Ta’choso. In addition, So’turu sells you the magnificent dagger Antumbra, shadow of the cosmos (285) and the off-hand weapon Forbidden Truth (285).
Ultimately, however, you should rather go hunting for dungeon loot, as it can have a maximum item level of 311 if you collect it from the large treasury once a week.

The best dinar items for fire mages

WoW: Best Mage Items for Cartel Confusing Dinar (1)

WoW: Best Mage Items for Cartel Confusing Dinar (1)

Source: Blizzard

There are some interesting items for fire mages to buy from the new merchants in Oribos. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a suitable weapon or piece of jewelry. Worth it!

Hot Jewelry for Fire Mages

Fire magicians want to buy one piece of jewelry from the new dealers in particular: The first seal (278). This must-have is sold by So’turu. If you’re looking to purchase even more trinkets for Bewildering Cartel Dinars, we recommend these Elegy of the Eternals (278) offered by the same dealer. It has a simple bonus to Intellect and also increases your highest secondary stat. The item passes part of this bonus on to group members who belong to your pact. If you like it a little more risky, you can also go to the Shadow Orb of Torment to grab. This trinket from the remnant of Ner’zhul gives you a massive mastery bonus in exchange for life.

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