WoW WotLK Classic: Kalu’ak Fishing Pole for Feral Druids

WoW: wait!  When does Burning Crusade Classic PvP Season 4 end?  (1)

the Master Kalu’ak fishing rod is an epic fishing rod that earns you exalted reputation with the Quartermasters of the Wrath of the Lich King Classicfraction ‘The Kalu’ak’ can buy. You can read our detailed reputation guide for the walrus-like humanoids aka Tuskarr faction here.

With the WotLK patch 3.0.8 there was a decisive change in the weapons at the time, the Feral Druids (Druids of Feral Combat). Fortunately, this innovation includes the aforementioned Tuskarr fishing rod or fishing rods in general!

All weapons could now Attack power for wild combat based on their damage over time (DPS) values. While the existing Feral combat weapons still granted roughly the same attack power (approximately +/- 2 deviation), many new weapons were now available to druids after this change.

Some Feral weapons have had their Strength converted to Attack Power to appeal to other classes who can wield them. Druids can see the attack power for an item’s Feral combat in its tooltip, should it grant attack power. However, other players will not see this information.