Dead Island 2: Amazon leaks date and details

Dead Island 2: Amazon leaks date and details

Dead Island 2 may be coming sooner than we expected.

A leak from Amazon indicates that the game will be released on February 3, 2023.

Pushed too early

It seems someone has product page put online too early for a Day 1 Edition for PlayStation. It is quite possible that this is one of the planned announcements for the gamescom Opening Night Live.

There were also a few on the site Declarations Go to content. The scene is therefore the city of Los Angeles, which is under quarantine. Luckily you are immune yourself and don’t turn into a zombie, but you still fight the undead in the city to survive.

“As you uncover the truth behind the outbreak, you will discover who – or what – you are,” it says. “Survive, evolve, save the world, just an ordinary day in LA! The beloved zombie saga returns with a unique blend of horror, dark humor and over-the-top zombie carnage spanning an epic pulp adventure.”

Furthermore, you can choose from six characters, there are numerous weapons to choose from and you visit various well-known locations in Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills and Venice Beach.

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