Embracer Group: The shopping spree continues, acquired Middle-Earth Enterprises

Embracer Group (Unternehmen) von Embracer Group

The shopping spree of the Embracer Group (including Deep Silver, Plaion, THQ Nordic) continues. In addition to the developer Tripwire and the rarity publisher Limited Run Games, Middle-Earth Enterprises was also taken over, which holds all the rights to the works of JRR Tolkien.

More studios in the portfolio

The Embracer Group continues to expand its portfolio. As the company announced, Tripwire (Killing Floor 2), BitWave (Wunderling DX), the karaoke provider Singrix, Tatsujin, Tuxedo Labs (Teardown) and hardware manufacturer Gioteck, among others, were acquired.

More important than these purchases, which Embracer has made in spades in recent years, are the takeovers of Limited Run Games and Middle-Earth Enterprises. Both are incorporated into the newly founded group “Embracer Freemode”. Limited Run Games is a rare video game publisher and collector’s edition focused on physical releases.

Middle-Earth Enterprises is acquired

Middle-Earth Enterprises is the marketing company for all rights to JRR Tolkien’s fantasy universe, specifically “The Hobbit” and “The Lord Of The Rings”. It was founded as the Tolkien Company and renamed Middle-Earth Enterprises in 2010. The company holds the rights to the names of the books, characters, places, objects, and events, as well as some quotes and phrases. The company has belonged to The Saul Zaentz Company since 1976.

With the purchase of Middle-Earth Enterprises, the Embracer Group will in future be involved in all licensed Tolkien derivatives such as video games, films, board games, etc. – and can also fall back on one of the largest fantasy licenses of all time for its countless game studios. Embracer did not name a price, but as early as 2013, when discussing a possible Disney takeover, at least 10 billion US dollars were mentioned as a benchmark.

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