Epic Games Store: Is there really no free game today?

Epic Games Store: Is there really no free game today?

from Thilo Bayer
As of now, there is no free game from 5 p.m. today, but “only” a package for a Free2Play game. But Epic could also have a surprise in store.

It’s Thursday again and bargain hunters know what’s happening around 5 p.m.: Epic Games is once again exchanging its free games. After a few games that promised many hours of fun, including the Lawn Mowing Simulator, were recently given away, there doesn’t seem to be a separate game for the first time today – just a content package.

No free game in sight yet

At least he sees it current plan at Epic for free games only one action: that “Boom Boxer” content pack for Rumbleverse. Rumbleverse is a Free2Play game described as a 40-player Brawler Royale. What the content is really worth can hardly be judged from the outside. It promises an “exclusive Boom Boxer set with a boxing headset, boxing gloves, boxing tank top, boxing pants and boxing boots. There is also an “exclusive” background and frame for the title card and a 120-minute gameplay fame booster. Whether it’s Epic really sticking with the current plan is an open question. It may not have happened very often that they don’t give away a full game – if it has ever happened at all. But there is also a chance that Epic will still have a real free game out of the hat conjures.

Interested parties can still secure the current free game until 5 p.m. The “Food Truck Simulator” “Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!” allows exactly that: managing his food truck. The game for regular 17 euros is from October 14th, 2020 and has been rated as “extremely positive” (95 percent) by over 1,000 Steam players and also gets good marks from critics. Set in war-torn America in 2042, you can cook your way through hundreds of dishes in the story-driven campaign – including recipes brand new to the series spread across hundreds of levels.

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