Fortnite: Watch Dragon Ball episodes – Unlock with these codes

Fortnite's possible challenges in week two of season five.

In Fortnite is a huge Dragon Ball event live. With this week’s 21.40 update, the developers are celebrating the popular anime series with skins, map locations and events. Players also have the opportunity to watch individual episodes of Dragon Ball – directly in the Battle Royale shooter. “From August 16 to September 17, 2022, die-hard and new fans of the Dragon Ball Super series Board a cruise ship created by the team at Vysena Studios to watch select episodes of Dragon Ball Super at your leisure,” write the developers.

There are two ways to start the Episode Festival. First start Fortnite (buy now €17.99) and then change the game mode via “Play”. As soon as you have switched to the Discover tag, you can use the Fortnite X Dragon Ball area select and start one of the episodes. Alternatively, you can use the island code tab to enter individual codes to set the respective to start episodes of the anime series. Dragon Ball episodes are available in Fortnite in English with German subtitles. You have to enter the following combinations: