GTA 6: Insider talks about Rockstar Games’ DLC plans

GTA 6 Vice City

Currently not a day goes by without fans speculating about the coming GTA 6 set up. The open world title of Rockstar Games is one of the most hotly debated games ever, even though its release is probably several years away. Self-proclaimed ones turn up again and again insider and bring some light into the darkness.

While one has to be careful here in many cases, certain users have proven their worth over the years. Her statements might be worth a closer look. After recently a whole lot of informationwhich are generally accepted as true, have come into the public domain leakers now closer to the plans of rock star a.

GTA 6: DLCs already planned in advance

One of the most popular users in the GTA Forums is Tez2. In a new post he goes into the fact that “GTA 6” should grow over time and possibly whole cities could come into play at a later date, which of course is a significant one development effort could mean. Other projects at Rockstar Games could hardly or only very slowly be implemented.

The leaker explains that the studio is credited with the huge success of GTA Online was surprised. Originally were classic Singleplayer DLCs as planned in previous games. After the multiplayer part had started, however, the resources were redistributed and the solo missions discarded.

This experience should now also flow into “GTA 6”. Some users had expressed the fear that rock star could bring out an unfinished game that will only be put together over time into a large whole. Noisy Tez2 it shouldn’t come to that. Instead would extensions beautiful before release be developed so that there is no pressure to act afterwards or large gaps in content arise.

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That would of course also open the door for Single Player Content to open. Many of the newer missions from “GTA Online” can also alone addressed, although the focus is often on group play. Here could rock star put more effort into the next part. If new content both solo and can be played with friends, everyone should be satisfied in the end.