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If our Steam libraries were a restaurant visit, a good portion of all dishes would be sent back to the kitchen untouched. Why is this and where is Gordon Ramsay to help us?

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In February 2012, just over ten years ago, the entry for the “Stack of Shame” was added to the Urbandictionary, called “Pile of Shame” in this country. By this we mean a mountain or stack of purchased entertainment titles that we spent exactly zero cumman zero time units on after the purchase process. Depending on the study, this affects around a good third of all games purchased, but according to the comments of some GG user comments, far more.

Geographically right next to this often lamented phenomenon with its accusations – psychology! Digital Sales! Oversupply! Constant discounts and bundles! Merkel’s new territory! – there is another pile mountain: the one on which all the titles are written where we only got up to our knees in water. Started short and after a few hundred polygons asked the bouncer for early exit because something didn’t fit. The graphic style is off-putting, the controls take too much getting used to, the world is too convincing of its immersion power, the interface is too misanthropic.

At least the spreadsheet came down from the pile of shame, because I ran some non-representative Steam stats through Excel. If people can still make it through the tutorial, what are the chances of actually beating a title? The median value was 40%. Almost two thirds of all excursions end after WASD and changing the waffle have been explained. Why is that?

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Published on 05/30/2022: The words “Game Over” are familiar to everyone here. Pixel death is part of player life. But after a fatal look at the calendar, Michael Hengst begins to ponder the real Game Over.

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