Japan Documentaries 2018 Episode 11/15: The Hostesses of the Tokyo Game Show – News

Japan Documentaries 2018 Episode 11/15: The Hostesses of the Tokyo Games Show - News


Crowdfunding for the 2022 Japan documentary is in full swing. To mark the occasion, we are making the 15 episodes of the Japan documentaries 2018 freely available in 1080p. Episode 11 accompanies hostesses at the TGS.

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Since 2018, the Japan documentaries 2018 were only available to crowdfunders and buyers. We are now releasing the 1080p versions free for everyone (however, the making of is subject to a fee). If you like them, join the crowdfunding for the Japan documentary 2022 – and get all 2022 episodes for the special price of €10 (only until the start of travel!).

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You could at the beginning of the noughties on the Leipziger gamesconvention occasionally admire bare-breasted “fair babes”, modern games fairs can get by with less bare skin these days. Sure, no auto show without bikini models, and also at the Gamescom or the E3 student assistants with breasts can still find enough part-time work – but acceptance of the equation “beautiful women make products more attractive” seems to be on the wane.

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In Japan, the clocks tick a little differently: women have significantly greater systemic disadvantages in professional life than in Germany and should ideally stay at home after marriage (at the age of 25, please!). When going out together with colleagues, the office ladies have to pour the sararymen, that’s the way it should be. As a reward, they get promoted less often since they will eventually marry at 25 and then stay at home. Gender roles are often still clearly defined, and the fact that many young Japanese women speak in high-pitched voices is not due to their larynx but to the expectations of those around them.

At Japanese trade fairs, too, the companions (hostesses) usually appear in dozens, per large stand, mind you. This also applies to the Tokyo Game Show. The same ritual is carried out there umpteen times per hour and hostess: a visitor armed with a camera or at least a smartphone steps in front of the lady, who smiles at him and holds up her flyer. The visitor says thank you and leaves, the next one comes, and so on. Is that meat inspection or simply the healthy fascination with beauty? Another special feature of the TGS: Cosplayers, who embody game characters of the respective manufacturer, appear in much larger numbers than in the West. Do you snap the woman or the figure?

At the TGS 2018, Jörg Langer took the opportunity and shot a complete documentary video with and about the companions. Don’t expect any revelations (no, nobody’s forcing the women, and yes, they can talk), but interesting insights into a part-time and full-time job that’s by no means an uncommon one, at least in Japan.

fun fact: While we spoke to the majority of the companions spontaneously (the interpreter Keimy asked, I filmed), we had made appointments with two of them in advance for two interviews each. It wasn’t easy at all: Various inquiries from me and from the Japanese agency to game companies failed, so we ended up booking a model with an agency working for TGS. Then, of course, she came to the meeting point punctually on the morning before the second day of the trade fair – accompanied by two supervisors from the agency. Accordingly, the morning interview seems stilted in places. During the evening conversation, “Yuki” was exhausted, but also more relaxed. Maybe because I had tactically placed her governesses several meters away from her…

By the way, “Yuki” is a code name, we weren’t given the right name or the manufacturer for whom the model worked at the TGS. Filming at the fair? Excluded! Well, maybe it just happened to get in front of our lenses, it could theoretically happen at a trade fair like this. A small Japanese manufacturer called Accessport was less capricious: they gave us permission to film and interview the cosplayer Kau, without any conditions. Maybe one or the other wants to get involved in F2P League of Angels 2 try – there Kaus character “Crimson Lord” (in the west) or ジュリア (Julia) is up to mischief. As a boss monster, if I understand correctly…

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