Mega deal: Embracer Group wants rights to Lord of the Rings!

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In recent years, the Swedish conglomerate Embracer Group has made a name for itself excitement in the gaming industry taken care of. This was mainly due to the acquisition of numerous developer studios and trademark rights, the portfolio is now extremely extensive. Now stands the next purchase shortly before, which should attract some attention.

Embracer grabs The Lord of the Rings

As the company announced at an investor conference, the Acquisition of Middle-earth Enterprises shortly before. In this way, the Embracer Group the rights for adaptations of The Lord of the Rings for movies, video games and other media. If the purchase goes ahead, a large part of the implementation of The Lord of the Rings for the platforms and market segments just listed will be carried out by the Swedish conglomerate. That even includes areas like Funko Pop figures. However, the deal is current not yet finishedThere is also no information on the selling price yet.

Embracer also buys Killing Floor developers

However, this is not the only acquisition of the Swedes: Like the company in another press release has revealed is the purchase of the developer studio Tripwire Interactive also shortly before. This is the team that caused quite a stir in the shooter genre with Killing Floor 2 and Red Orchestra 2, among others. Also the studios Limited run games and Tuxedo Labs are now part of the Embracer Group.

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