Netflix: Hurry! This content will be phased out by the end of August 2022

On Netflix you can now, according to IMDb "best movie ever" look (1)

By the end of August 2022, a lot of content will have to do this Exit Netflix program again. In our list below you will find out which films you need to hurry up for. A big swing is leaving the streaming service on August 31. Until then, you still have the chance to watch movies like American Pie 2, The Strike and Superman Returns. White House Down, Police Academy: Dumber Than the Police Allow and The Moving Man are only available from the streaming provider until the end of the month.

Netflix: This content is being phased out

Also Shows like Chicago Fire and Chicago Med can only be found in the Netflix program for a few days. Tomb Raider, The Arbitration, Splurging Celebrities: Los Angeles and Dead End, among others, have to leave the offer earlier. The complete list up to the end of August can be found in the following overview – together with the respective departure dates. The reasons for the departures are expiring licenses. Netflix usually only secures the rights to broadcast third-party productions for a certain period of time.