One Piece: Fan-favorite surprises in 1057th manga chapter

spoiler alert

Warning, massive spoilers follow: In the last few weeks, the events in the manga hit have rolled over one piece downright, after all, the final story section of the pirate epic was announced not too long ago. in the coming Chapter 1057 now surprises a fan favorite with his decision.

Since said chapter so far not yet officially published is, here we refer to the recently published spoilers. If you want to be surprised about what this decision is all about, you should stop reading from here.

Luffy and his friends set sail and leave Wano!

What was already indicated in the last chapter is now certain: Luffy and his crew embark on new adventures. Your time in Wano, the land of the samurai, is finally over – but the team may have after half an eternity grow again?

In the past few months in particular, there has been almost regular speculation among “One Piece” fans as to whether the Straw Hat pirate gang could accept a new member. A candidate that was traded particularly hot was about Kaido’s son Yamato.

The signs in that direction seemed almost unequivocal, after all, the fan-favorite emulates him legendary warrior Kozuki Oden after, who once traveled the world with the pirate king Gol D. Roger. What would have been more obvious than a crew entry from Yamato at the straw hats?

Added to that just in some of the previous chapters there was much to suggestthat Yamato could join our heroes. However, in the 1057th One Piece manga chapter, it now appears to come very differentlybecause surprisingly, the mighty fighter declares that he will stay in Vano.

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Yamato decides to travel to Wano ©1999 Toei Animation Co., Ltd. ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

As it turns out, Yamato first wants, like Oden once did, travel the country and really get to know your homeland. Only later, after this long journey, does he want to go out to sea. Because of this, Luffy and his friends sting without another crew member at sea.

How all this will happen exactly, you can imagine on August 21, 2022 at MANGA Plus read through yourself. It’s from 5 p.m 1057. One Piece Chapter available on the platform with English translation.