PlayStation 5: Amazon now uses invitations

PlayStation 5: Amazon now uses invitations

Two years after its launch, the PlayStation 5 remains in short supply. If you want to buy them, you have to react very quickly. But now Amazon wants to remedy the situation a little.

Because if you’ve made it your mission to get hold of a PS5 yourself, you can’t just walk into the store. It’s still sold out in many places, and when a new delivery is announced online, it’s usually gone within seconds. So-called scalpers often get in the way, who use all sorts of lazy tricks to secure large contingents in order to resell them profitably. Amazon now wants to put a stop to this – with invitations.

Buy PS5 from Amazon: This is how the invitation system works

Who currently at Amazon If you want to shop for a PlayStation 5, you can’t just add it to your shopping cart. Instead, there is now an option to request an invite. A simple click on the corresponding button is enough and then you just have to wait and see.

It then says, “Next, we’ll verify your account. The invitation depends on several factors, so we cannot predict the waiting times. If you’re invited, you’ll receive an email with a link that’s valid for 72 hours.”

A Prime membership should no longer be necessary for this, after it had previously been assumed. This should make it harder for scalpers to snatch console units from others. At the same time, all those who do not have the opportunity during working hours to quickly look online for new drops are given a chance.

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However, it is not known exactly which criteria Amazon takes into account when checking accounts. In any case, the PS5 has sold more than 20 million units so far, with game sales declining.