Street Fighter 6: New feature makes loading times a fun affair

The beat ’em up classic is about to enter the next round and then in Street Fighter 6 there will be exciting duels again. In between you can duel in other ways.

At least that’s what a new video that has been published on the official YouTube channel for the beating franchise shows. It features newly announced fighters Kimberly and Juri getting ready for their next match:

Street Fighter 6: Grimace Duel in the loading screen

It’s certainly not the most incisive of all Street Fighter 6’s features, but it’s still a nice touch. As you can see, you can let the characters make funny faces during the (certainly rather short) loading times. All you have to do is press the directional keys and they start distorting their faces.

Fans are happy about the little gimmick, as they say in the comments on the video. Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to be released in 2023, but there is no specific release date yet. Our Boris was able to put his hand to an early version – you can read his first assessment here.

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