Fortnite in the anime madness – One Piece could come after Dragon Ball

The Fortnite logo on a blurred One Piece background.

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Of: Niels Olesen

In the popular battle royale from Epic Games, there have been crossovers with anime several times. Now there are suspicions about another hit in Fortnite.

Cary, North Carolina – Epic Games had confirmed a crossover with Dragon Ball Z not too long ago. With the last Fortnite update 21.40, which added the corresponding skins. Fortnite has had a crossover with an anime before in the past. There some characters from Naruto have been added as skins in the popular battle royale. Now there are suspicions that another anime will get a crossover with Fortnite.

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Fortnite: guesses about new anime crossover after Dragon Ball Z

Next anime crossover? After the great crossover success of Fortnite with Naruto, many fans have already suspected other animes. It could only be a matter of time before the other of the big three shōnen anime get a crossover with Epic Games’ battle royale. This suspicion has been strengthened after the second of the three was added. Dragon Ball Z is the highlight of the last Fortnite update. Now many are almost certain: One Piece gets a crossover.

Why is this assumption? One Piece would be the perfect complement after the success of the last two major shōnen anime in Fortnite. Epic Games also knows that One Piece has an overwhelming presence, so this crossover would probably be a success similar to the last two anime collaborations. So he should be next on Epic Games’ anime checklist. If the suspicions are confirmed, fans can soon look forward to the skins of Luffy, Zoro and Co.

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Fortnite and One Piece – How would the anime crossover look like?

What could the crossover look like? If there will be a one-piece event, there will most likely not only be skins of the characters. One Piece offers much more. For example, Luffy’s two ships, Going Merry and Thousand Sunny, could appear as vehicles in Fortnite. What also makes sense is a treasure hunt as a side quest for the duration of the event. Overall, there are enough ways to realize such a crossover. One can only hope it’s already in the planning stages of Epic Games.

Fortnite in the anime craze – This cracker could come after Dragon Ball © Epic Games/Eiichirō Oda/Shūeisha (Montage)

More crossovers could come: It does not stop with a possible one-piece cooperation. There is also the assumption that the rapper Eminem will get a crossover with Fortnite. Many fans then hope for an icon skin of the rap legend, and it looks good. Also, an insider has confirmed that the cartoon Family Guy is making its way into battle royale with a Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite.