Finally gamescom again and still half of you are not going to Cologne

gamescom award 2022 introduces the nominees and you can vote

For two years we had to do without gamescom in Cologne, instead there was a digital replacement program. But this year you can August 24th to 28th finally experience a trade fair on site again and stroll through the halls of koelnmesse. For this reason, we wanted to know from you in a survey whether you would take the opportunity and travel to Cologne, or whether you would experience gamescom from home.

Disclaimer: Webedia is a member of the game association, which organizes gamescom. Webedia and thus also are accompanying gamescom 2022 as media partners.

After a total of 3,308 votes, the poll results show a mixed mood: 53 percent of you are staying at home for a variety of reasons, while 41 percent are making the pilgrimage to Cologne and 4 percent are still undecided.

The detailed result

  • 22% with 730 votes – Yes, in one day
  • 19% with 639 votes – No, there are too many exhibitors missing
  • 19% with 633 votes – Yes, on several days
  • 10% with 346 votes – No, I have another reason
  • 7% with 247 votes – No, I generally like my fairs
  • 6% with 212 votes – No, not during a pandemic
  • 6% with 209 votes – No, unfortunately I don’t have time
  • 5% with 173 votes – No, the tickets are too expensive
  • 4% with 119 votes – Maybe, I’m still undecided

Was standing: 8/22/2022 at 5:03 p.m

The reasons to visit gamescom 2022 is not necessarily the games for most of you, but rather the atmosphere of the fair and meeting friends:

Why you are not drawn to the trade fair on site, for a variety of reasons. These include the distance that is too far, the expensive tickets and the discomfort in crowds, which is of course exacerbated by the pandemic:

no There are various reasons for this. Too expensive for too few exhibitors. And then the pushing and shoving during Corona. In addition, the streaming services of the brands destroy the atmosphere of a trade fair anyway. There are hardly any surprises and/or new announcements anyway.

GamePro user ART3MIS

The missing exhibitors, which GamePro user ART3MIS mentions here, are the main factor for most people to stay away from the fair. No wonder, since big names like EA, Nintendo, Sony, Rockstar and Activision Blizzard have canceled.

You can see here which games await you in the exhibition halls and in the digital program of gamescom 2022:

gamescom 2022: All confirmed games at a glance


more on the subject

gamescom 2022: All confirmed games at a glance

If you decide at short notice to go to the trade fair in Cologne, please note: there are no tickets available on site. You have to buy them online, although Saturday is already sold out.

Experience the ONL of gamescom with us

Regardless of whether you are going to the fair or not, a two-hour show awaits you on Tuesday at 8 p.m. with the Opening Night Live. Many games are shown there, including premieres.

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As part of our FYNG program for gamescom, you can follow the show with us in the stream. Apart from that, we have other program items for you during the gamescom week, which should be of particular interest to those of you who can’t make it to Cologne at all.