A class in WoW will soon have to jump constantly if it wants to do damage

WoW fan art Demon Hunter

Demon hunters become real bouncy balls in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Because they have to jump if they want to do damage.

With Dragonflight, the talent system in World of Warcraft will be significantly revised. All characters are provided with two talent trees – one for the class and another for the respective specialization.

Especially with the demon hunter, the developers had to come up with a few ideas to fill the talent trees, because demon hunters have significantly fewer abilities than other classes. This also makes them one of the best classes for beginners and returnees as they are comparatively easy to learn.

However, there is one talent in Dragonflight that is already considered a meme. Because demon hunters have a reputation for just constantly moving in combat and constantly using some kind of jump or dash – sometimes because it really does damage and sometimes because it just looks cool. With Dragonflight, however, wild jumping around becomes a must. A talent takes care of that.

Demon hunters will soon have to jump a lot.

What talent is it? We are talking about the talent “Momentum” or in German “zeal of the battle”. This is currently in the Dragonflight Alpha on the last row of the Ravage talent tree. A talent of the same name already exists in the live version of the game, but its functionality is limited there. In Dragonflight, the talent reads as follows:

“Fel Rush, Glide, The Hunt, and Vengeful Retreat increase your damage by 12% for 6 seconds.”

The special innovation here is that “glide” will also increase the damage by 12% in the future.

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As a reminder, Glide is the ability Demon Hunters use to spread their wings and then levitate in one direction with reduced fall damage. It can be activated either when falling or automatically after a double jump.

WoW Demon Hunter Casting Shadowlands title 1140x445
The bouncy class is getting even more… bouncy.

Then why do demon hunters always have to jump? The catch is that in addition to having cooldowns, Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat aren’t appropriate for all situations. For example, if it is necessary for melee fighters to all be in one position or you can’t just charge in one direction without hesitation, then demon hunters will have to use glide in the future – i.e. jump and then fly a little. This is the only way they can permanently maintain the permanent buff of 12% additional damage.

The result should be that you will see all demon hunters jumping and hopping even more often than before.

What else is in the talent tree? Apart from this rather amusing talent, the tree of the demon hunter shows itself to be quite classic. You can unlock the Devastation talents wowhead try it yourself. It is interesting that thanks to certain talents, demon hunters can specialize completely in secondary stats such as “critical hit” or “mastery”.

The fact that all demon hunters have access to seals via their class tree is also quite exciting and allows for much more flexible support, such as mass silencing of enemies or even group control.

Night Fae, Necrolords, and Kyrians can also rejoice as their Covenant abilities are returning as talents – the Venthyr ability, on the other hand, has been kicked out and is not intended to come back as they no longer want to support that playstyle in Dragonflight.

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What do you think of this demon hunter talent? A fun and interesting thing? Or is it annoying just to think that the “bouncy DHs” will bounce around even more in the future?

We have more details about the new talent trees for you here.