Ban on dancing suggests boxing match – MontanaBlack already knows his opponent

Twitch streamer ban dancing in a boxing ring wearing boxing gloves

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Of: Josh Grossman

Dancing ban will probably have to go to the gym in the future. In his stream he hinted at an upcoming event – MontanaBlack knows more about the streamer boxing match.

Berlin – Ban on dancing is probably not one of the streamers who live the healthiest. Kilian Heinrich is proud of his 117 kg fighting weight, which he unashamedly presents in his social media bios. This crowd could soon carry Tanzbant into the ring and prove his martial arts in a new twitch boxing event. MontanaBlack also seems to know more about it – are we dealing with The Great Fight Night 2 here?

Full name Killian Roberto Heinrich
Known as dancing ban
birthday February 08, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 637,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on YouTube 1,110,000 (as of August 2022)

Ban on dancing: boxing cannot be ruled out – streamer must train

What happened? Tanzbane took to the “Just Chatting” category on Twitch when he gave a crucial hint about an upcoming event. As so often, one of his viewers addressed the lack of sports of the 25-year-old Twitch streamer. Ban on dancing revealed his state of health and a possible break from the streamer. Tanzban can only reply to the taunts of his audience with a cryptic message.

“Something could happen in the near future that will motivate me to exercise or train.”

Note on boxing match: Actually, by adjusting his wording, it should be clear that the teased event is a boxing match. “Work out” instead of “to do sports‘ sounds a lot like going into the ring. Unfortunately, Tanzban has to choke off his fans: “I can’t go into detail about that“. So the streamer appears to have signed a non-disclosure agreement and must be leaving its fans in the dark.

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Ban on dancing suggests a boxing match – MontanaBlack already knows his opponent © Unsplash/Freepik/Instagram: tanzverbotrl (Montage)

The unusual secrecy points to a huge event that, like The Great Fight Night with MckyTV and Trymacs, could bring a number of viewers in front of the screens. Other potential fights for The Great Fight Night 2 could make the event even bigger. Boxing matches and other sporting events among streamers are extremely popular with viewers, so it’s really only a matter of time before the next highlight arrives.

Dancing ban: boxing match of streamers – MontanaBlack knows the opponent

Monte knows this: When MontanaBlack reacts to a video by Satter Hugo, he can’t help but share his knowledge while watching the Tanzban clip. “I also know who might still need to train…‘ says MontanaBlack on his stream. He attaches further information to it, which gives an indication of opponents of the ban on dancing: “… and would have to be active in sports“- sounds in any case as if Tanzbans opponents are not exactly known for their athletic achievements. We have included the clip for the reaction below.

Who is the opponent? However, who it will be in the end remains a secret until the streamers involved reveal more about the event. However, ELoTRiX has already spoken out in the past about a fight with a ban on dancing. So Tanzi would celebrate if ELoTRiX gave him “punch in the face” would.

How the ban on dancing in the ring will work is still completely uncertain. However, he has almost been able to present his martial arts at a past boxing event. There, ban on dancing was harassed by a spectator and the situation escalated.

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