Case of the Golden Idol: Play the retro adventure game demo

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fans of Point and click games in the Retro pixel look should this announcement of the Future Games Show at Gamescom particularly pleased: That Indie studio Color Gray Games has with The Case of the Golden Idol a nostalgic one detective game presented.

From the detailed pixel graphics to the gameplay, the game seems to be a must for all point-and-click enthusiasts, fans of the mystery genre and detective work like in Discworld Noir (1999) or blade runner (1997) to be. We have put together the most interesting facts about the curious game for you. If that piques your interest, you can now download a free PC demo The Case of the Golden Idol put it through its paces. The demo is just over The Case of the Golden Idol Steam page.

Story, gameplay and release

In The Case of the Golden Idol you slip into the role of one detectives in the 18th century and must solve the circumstances of twelve murders spread over a period of 40 years. All murders are connected in some way, and on top of that there is one big one Conspiracy surrounding the eponymous golden idolthat you are slowly but surely bringing to light.

The game is not linear and you have to examine your surroundings and numerous details closely to find enough clues and evidence. You can then combine these clues into plausible motives and actions in a “thought tab”.
According to the first impressions of Demo of The Case of the Golden Idol the game should offer a satisfying balance between challenge and reward. The retro-style adventure has received a lot of praise from other indie developers: Lucas Pope, creator of the excellent Return of the Obra Dinn and Papers, Please, Erik Wolpa from Portal and Portal 2, and Sean Vanaman from Firewatch were all enthusiastic.

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