Cosplay: Nasty fan favorite from One Piece – you’ve never seen him like this!

Cosplay: The beautiful Judy from Cyberpunk 2077 - just like in the game!

If you ask One Piece fans which villain is the strongest, the answers will probably be the same – Akainu is the monster of the navy, while Blackbeard is the terror on the pirate side. But if you ask which villain people like the most, things look different – then one name keeps coming up: Buggy! The iconic captain who has been with One Piece since its inception has carved a place in the hearts of so many fans. Buggy is now even one of the Four Emperors in the manga! And that, although he is actually just a cranky, vain, selfish and cowardly wretch who succeeds through many coincidences. But just such worms have a certain charm. Cosplayer Toopato knows this too – he immortalized an almost impossible look of Buggy in a costume.

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