DuckDuckGo opens its email privacy service: so you can get your address

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DuckDuckGo has not only an alternative search engine and a web browser that promises to be private under its orbit. The company has also developed DuckDuckGo Email Protectionan email privacy service that for the last few months has been in beta version and on a waiting list to be able to use it.

Now, although it is still in beta version, DuckDuckGo has removed the waiting listallowing anyone to try it and, as they promise, can improve inbox privacy of all your existing email accounts. Let’s see how this new free privacy proposal works.

What is DuckDuckGo Email Protection and how does it work?

DuckDuckGo Email Protection, although it allows you to obtain an address, it is not an email service. In general terms, this tool seeks to avoid the trackers that usually accompany the emails we receive. These allow the sender, for example, that the sender can know which links we open.

In addition, the service offers us the possibility of registering to register on any page with an email address. alternative mail so that we do not have to reveal our real addressan option that we have already seen in services such as iCloud + and that allow us to maintain greater control over this contact information.

To start using DuckDuckGo Email Protection you must enter the address from your browser (you can also activate it from the app for iOS or Android). The tool requires you to have the DuckDuckGo extension, so if you don’t have it, you’ll find a button to install it.

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Once the extension is installed, go back to the page and click Get Started and then in Next. In this step you will create an email address and associate it with your regular email address. Choose the desired name, press Next and the process ends. That is all. Anything sent to your new email address will be forwarded to your old email, but with the trackers removed.

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In addition, you will have the possibility to reply from your usual email, for example, and the recipient will receive the reply from That is, you will not reveal your real email even in the answers. But there is more, the DuckDuckGo extension is now active. This can be pleasant or annoying for some people.

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The extension also has other functionality. As we mentioned above, will allow us to register for a service using an email address with an alias. It will automatically detect the email fields and suggest us to fill in the form with a randomly generated private address.

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