Everywhere – New Game From GTA Veteran Merges GTA With…Fortnite?

Everywhere - New Game From GTA Veteran Merges GTA With...Fortnite?

What is the studio planning? Build A Rocket Boy only here? A trailer based on the Opening Night Live was shown leaves many with a big question mark. The game bears the name Everywhere and want one Multi-world game experience represent.

But what is it exactly? And what does GTA have to do with it? Check out the cryptic first teaser trailer for “Everywhere” here.

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The story behind Everywhere

Everywhere is not a game that has only been in development for a few months.

On the contrary, the “Grand Theft Auto” veteran confirmed Leslie Benzies (former president of Rockstar North) already in the January 2017 told Venturebeat that he had set up a new studio in Edinburgh, Scotland (and Los Angeles, California) to create a Next Gen Game to develop. The studio Build A Rocket Boy was born and has been developing “Everywhere” ever since.

The game is therefore already since almost 6 years in development and not only that. The GTA greats Colin Entwistle (former lead programmer at Rockstar) and MatthewSmith (former audio director at Rockstar) are also involved in the production.

So it stands to reason that the game has strong influences from a Grand Theft Auto like GTA 5 carries within itself.

There is talk of one massive open world, where you can basically do whatever you want. Does Leslie Benzies want to dethrone the Rockstar Games title “Grand Theft Auto V” from the genre throne?

Benzies and Rockstar have a somewhat longer history that resulted in a lawsuit. So it stands to reason that he wants to create a better game than GTA.

This is the built-in hardware MontanaBlack:

What game is Everywhere?

But what exactly is Everywhere about? The players should be able to live in the world as they wish. That’s why there are countless game modes and styles of play. And everyone should be able to write their own story. Benzies says:

“Our goal is to create a platform where players can be entertained and entertain others while blurring the lines between reality and a simulated world.”

So Everywhere aims to break down the boundaries between reality and the digital world, and while we’ve heard it often enough, the new game really is one remarkable project.

In the first teaser we not only see a digital world, but immediately multiple worlds, into which we can finally dive. But it only gets really exciting when we take a look at the following screenshots throw.

The fast section images give namely quite a first impression of the gameplay.

We see a scene where someone is in front of a big audience stands. What is this person doing here? Then we see many cars: motor race will play a big role like in GTA. And then there would be the first gun playthat at GTA Online and somehow also on Fortnite remind.

And if we think about it all, Benzies’ vision becomes relatively clear.

“Everywhere” is a game that offers many possibilities, just like GTA with its dozens of game modes. And yet everything is freer, more open and several worlds come into play.

When it comes to graphics, they probably chose a comic shading decided. Blizzard, Riot Games or even Epic Games have proven that it is mostly a sensible Alternative to photorealism represents.

And the result leads to an exciting construct that is probably reminiscent of “Fortnite” primarily due to its appearance and gameplay. But we still have to wait for the final result. So we don’t want to jump to conclusions.

The question remains whether “Everywhere” can really come close to a pop culture behemoth like GTA 5 in the end. But we are more than excited to try it.


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