First Batgirl, now Batman: series canceled before start

Aquaman 2 and Shazam 2 will hit theaters later than previously thought.

Warner Bros. Discovery performs his major clean-up HBO Max away. After a few weeks ago the not yet completely finished DC film Batgirl was suddenly hired, films and series that were intended for the streaming service or are currently running there still have to believe in it. The new manager David Zaslav To the chagrin of many fans, he is primarily targeting DC productions, because he wants the brand to be one Revision with a 10-year plan to get. According to recent reports, the planned animated series Batman: Caped Crusader no longer with HBO Max appear. But there is hope that she will at least find a new home somewhere else.

No DC production is safe from Zaslav

The anticipation Batman: Caped Crusader was already big, because with her the director should Bruce Timm once again directing a Batman series. Timm has been recognized in the past for his work on the popular animated series Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League celebrated. In addition, for the series also JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Ed Brubaker on board.

Abrams is certainly known to many for his work on various star trek – and star Wars projects known. He is also currently serving as an executive producer on the production of the animated series Justice League Dark With. Matt Reeves, on the other hand, has directed for TheBatman with Robert Pattinson caused a stir, while comic book writer Ed Brubaker has been responsible for many years DC Comics operates and titles like Gotham Central and The Man Who Laughs wrote.

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Is Batman: Caped Crusader saved?

With this line-up, it’s no surprise that disappointment runs high when even such a promising Batman series doesn’t stand a chance. She should have one initiate a complete reboot of the DC Animated Universe. The original concept indicated that the show would Film noir style should be held. The series announced for 2021, like the Batgirl film, is nearing completion and should actually be in the May 2023 launch on the HBO Max streaming platform.