Forspoken: Ten minutes of gameplay in the fresh Gamescom trailer

Forspoken: Ten minutes of gameplay in the fresh Gamescom trailer

Square Enix is ​​showing us a whopping ten minutes of gameplay from its new fantasy RPG Forspoken at Gamescom. The trailer impressively presents what awaits us with the upcoming title.

Despite or precisely because the title has already been postponed twice, the expectations are correspondingly high. But at least we’re finally getting a deeper look at what Forspoken’s fights, moves, and abilities are supposed to look like.

Forspoken: New Trailer Shows Off Magical Combat And Parkour Mechanics

The setting of Forspoken is also dealt with in more detail in the longer preview. We take on the role of Frey Holland, played by Ella Balinska, a young woman who, with the help of her magical abilities, is struggling to survive in the eerily beautiful game world of Athia. The new trailer offers us a glimpse of the city of Cipal, the last refuge where refugees are gathering trying to escape the corrupting power of the breach.

In Cipal we speak to the townspeople to accept quests and trade before facing the challenges of Athia’s more dangerous regions. For example, our journey takes us to the barren desert of Praenost, where the corrupt romp about. But the lush region of Avoalet also offers all kinds of adventures with its mutated beasts.

Once in the wild, we can use Frey’s magical abilities to repel enemies in battle, or better yet, navigate the dangerous terrain to find a variety of treasures and items. We can then use these for crafting or sell them when we return to Cipal. In addition, we will be able to find mana in glowing pools throughout our journey, which we can use to unlock new spells and abilities. We can also expect other rewards such as experience points, improved status values, story snippets or fresh equipment.

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More details in the official blog entry

If that’s not enough for you, you’ll get more details about the gameplay and story of Forspoken in the accompanying blog entry the developer supplies. After the title was originally planned for May of the current calendar year, the date was initially postponed to October 11, 2022. But the Square Enix developers had to cancel this again: According to the latest information, Forspoken will now be released on January 24 2023