Fortnite now lets you fight as a super-powered fish in Destiny 2’s most iconic mode

Javelin 4 PvP Map Map Destiny 2

Destiny 2 and Fortnite have entered into a crazy cooperation and not only gave fans cool skins and ornaments, but also a detailed replica of the most famous Destiny PvP mode including a map.

Which mode is it? Fortnite has created a detailed recreation of the Control PvP mode in its Creative mode. In addition, players are allowed to make the battlefield unsafe on the iconic Destiny map “Javelin-4” and thus fight against other players with their fellow Guardians.

If you were bothered by the appearance of your keeper and you always wanted to make Destiny 2’s PvP unsafe with a crazy skin, this is your chance.

Crazy skins are making the Destiny 2 universe unsafe

Not only Fortnite fans get their money’s worth with the Destiny content. Players who know Destiny 2 will now also feel comfortable in Fortnite, because the replica of the PvP map is very detailed. The mechanics behind conquering the zones or the weapon assignments of the respective classes are also excellently chosen.

Of course, the super abilities of the respective classes should not be missing. Players can therefore choose between three classes with their respective loadouts and set supers. There are the following to choose from:

  • titanium – Schutzbubble – A scoped assault rifle and a shotgun + grenade
  • Warlock – Chaos Tension – A Pulse and Scout Rifle + Stink Bomb
  • Hunter – Golden Gun – revolver and an MP + explosive throwing plunger
Fortnite Choice Destiny 2 Classes
There are three classes to choose from

How does the mode work? At the beginning you choose a class that suits you or that you can handle easily. After that you will be unleashed on the map and have to conquer zones, hold them and generate as many kills as you can. There are two teams with five players each.

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The first team to break the 200 point mark wins the match. Your ults that charge over time or the steady heavy ammo deliveries are meant to aid you on your way to victory.

How to find the creative map in Fortnite? To do this, open the mode selection in Fortnite and click over to the “Island Code” section. There you enter the following number: 0642-9767-7225. Then you confirm your input and you can play the Destiny 2 mode.

Is the mode the same as in Destiny 2? Surprisingly, the mode is actually a really good copy of the original PvP mode. Not only the ultimates have been well taken and taken over, but also the sometimes absurd respawns of the Crucible from Destiny 2.

In addition, you quickly find yourself in your classes. The Shootgun Ape, also known as Titan or the crazy handgun hunters ensure a cool recognition value.

So if you’re bored in Destiny 2 and you’d like to explore something new, you should definitely check out Fortnite and try the mode.

What do you think of the maps? Do you find them true to detail? Let us know in the comments if you would also play a round of Fortnite on this map.