GC22: Goat Simulator 3 played, the madness has a name – News

GC22: Goat Simulator 3 played, the madness has a name - News


If a series jumps directly from the first to the third part, the developers see bugs as part of the game and constantly mow it, then the seriousness remains at the door – but not the short-term fun.

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It’s kind of a thing with trash games. We don’t want to take them seriously, but looking at them is no problem. Entertainment is possible in many ways and since 2014 many fans have been enjoying meaningless entertainment themselves Goat Simulator or at least videos and other content related to the buggy animal game. Developer Coffee Stain launched June 2022 with the Goat simulator 3 settled the second part directly. Yes, it’s apparently funny to just skip the actual number 2. And intentionally leaving bugs in the game as long as they aren’t of a game-breaking nature. On the Gamescom 2022 I was able to slip into the skin of a goat and cause chaos on a farm with three other players in the new 4-goat co-op. And we did that extensively.

Ultimately, the game is based on the same pillars as its predecessor. You are a goat and can headbutt, jump and grab and drag objects, people and fellow goats with your tongue. According to the developer present, we theoretically should have climbed a tower to see a little more of the story. But since chaos is much funnier and I doubt that the Goat Simulator tells a gripping story anyway, we preferred to deal with mini-games and small missions as well as the decoration of our little animals.

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The mini-games aren’t all that exceptional at their core. King of the Hill, a football game with an oversized pill, or even golf with environmental objects. But what makes them real fun guarantees are two things: once you’ve found them, you can activate them anywhere on the map. The nice round of football on the meadow suddenly turns into a match on a gas station site. In addition, your fellow players do not have to participate in order to intervene. So two other goats played a game of football, but I thought it was great fun to shoot firecrackers at them and sometimes get the ball in the goal – and that was counted!

Also, customizing your horned bearer is something the developers are putting more focus on. You can customize your body parts with numerous objects, for example my four-hoofed animal wore clown shoes and pajamas. Not absolutely necessary, but definitely an entertaining sight.

The distributed small tasks in the world are signed with entertaining perfect. For example, I was asked to remove a house that was believed to be in the way of the city’s gentrification plans. After some exploration, I found a truck with a tow hook, which I quickly swung behind the controls and towed the entire building. Or a woman who wanted to use the gas station toilet but didn’t have a key needed my help. There were lots of boxes around them, which I destroyed one after the other until finally the key to happiness appeared. As a reward you get points for cosmetic items and you can probably also level up, but I couldn’t see that myself.

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Will Goat Simulator 3 turn the gaming world upside down on November 17, 2022? Certainly not. But the meaningless animal simulation will certainly be entertaining and there is a high probability that there will also be many videos in which the fans will push the game to its limits. And ideas like a forbidden fruit lying around that I can eat but from now on keep getting God’s fingers and evil thunder in the picture are of course not a great achievement in humor, but they are a nice change from the many dead serious AAA titles out there. Especially since I’ve certainly only seen a fraction of the madness the developers have come up with. However, grinding on power lines and other hard edges is probably unnecessary, especially since it is not always well recognized and is a bit too buggy even for a goat simulator.