GC22: The Great War – Western Front: Petroglyph Games’ new title – News

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Aug 25, 2022 – 9:32 p.m — Last updated 1 hour ago

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The RTS Experts at Petroglyph Games (Command & Conquer Remastered) and publisher Foundry Games announced yesterday during the Future Games Show to the gamescom 2002 With The Great War – Western Front presented their new title for the first time.

The strategy game, which is themed around the First World War (1914-1919), lets you act twice as a commander: While the battles on the Western Front are taking place in real time on dynamic battlefields and you give your units direct orders, you plan your actions on a strategic level War events in rounds (e.g. troop movements, supplies or research). By the way, the soundtrack for the game will be below Command & Conquer-Fans well-known composer Frank Klapecki contribute.

The Reveal trailer published as part of the announcement gives you a first visual impression of the strategy title, you can find the video under these news lines for viewing.

The Great War – Western Front is due out for PC in 2023 Steam and the Epic Games Store to be available.


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