House of the Dragon: Is the new GoT series worth it? In our opinion, 6 episodes – criticism

Scene from House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones) prequel

The hype is thanks House of the Dragon alive again. After most of the fan base from the disastrous final season from game of Thrones was scattered to the winds and no one really wanted to talk about the subject anymore, the fantasy phenomenon is now returning in the form of a prequel series return. And the first episode was already highly praised.

But like us mother series painfully demonstrated, a format like HotD lives and dies through the ability of the series creators to to connect the individual story threads and set up a finale, that as a logical consequence of the previous action can be understood. Accordingly, a single strong sequence says nothing.

That’s why it was probably so important to the HBO broadcaster that critics really all six episodes made available look, because at the earliest by the sixth credits you can roughly estimate where the format is going and how overall quality can be estimated. Fortunately, our job has rarely been easier than Watch six episodes of GoT to have to.

House of the Dragon: Our spoiler-free series review

Should you choose the return of the dragons inspire, you have to bring a lot of patience, because the streaming provider WOWon which the first of the ten episodes in all since August 22, 2022 can be seen only releases one new episode per week. The puzzle of the original series is also back in the game.

All information about Storyline of the prequel serieswhich takes place almost 200 years before the events in “Game of Thrones”, about the cast and what else you need to know about “House of the Dragon”, we tell you in the article Start, cast, streaming service – round up on the GoT offshoot.

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What speaks against House of the Dragon?

The first episode suffered two very clear weaknesses, which did not carry too much weight, but certainly gave rise to concerns. On the one hand, we are talking about the almost compulsive behaviorto let “Game of Thrones” shine through anytime, anywhere. Be it the allusion to daenerysthe first scene after the introduction Or the credits melody.

This wish that inclined viewers feel immediately transported back to the world they once loved remains until the sixth episode exist, but decreases continuously as the action progresses. Which is better that way, because facing Season 8 of GoT do these parallels and allusions have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

On the other hand, the overall quality of “House of the Dragon” suffers from the very rushed narrative style, which fulfills its intended, superficial purpose, but sometimes forgets details. Although plot and characters painstakingly developed become, there are partial too big jumps and light confusing surprises.

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In many ways this effect can be explained by the fact that some scenes speak for themselves and thankfully not all information for the viewers chewed and reproduced becomes. Instead, it’s often a single look, gesture, or choice of words that tells us more about what hidden behind the obvious lies.

But sometimes it just seems idleness to be. or a lack of ingenuity. Either way, the series doesn’t take enough time in rare cases plot detail logically work out, instead one becomes faced with a fait accompliwithout being presented with the (perhaps) important career.

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At the end of the day, that’s luckily not really dramatic, because basically it stays with exactly these negative points of criticism and if the remaining four episodes don’t allow themselves any major blunders, the first season of “House of the Dragon” can be enjoyed throughout. There is at least ample evidence for this.

What speaks for House of the Dragon?

Of course, after six out of ten episodes, we still can’t promise you that the remaining four episodes will also be with the presented level can keep up, but there is a lot to be said for it. Because although “House of the Dragon” already starts up properly in the first episode, it basically gets better afterwards only better.

The figures unfold and show theirs unique complexity, which make them very different from the characters of the parent series. There doesn’t seem to be any really good and really bad players around the throne, or at least hardly any, instead almost everyone moves in a successful mix of gray tonesin her own Nexus of moral concepts.

The series that throws you into the middle of events in episode 1 builds the world and its complex system Episode by episode and expands on it both skillful and very interesting. Only rarely do individual details seem a bit too forced and seem more like that Agenda of the series creators to have emerged as a logical part of the story.

Scene from House of Dragon (Game of Thrones Prequel, GoT)
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thanks to high level in world building and the complex characters, the series can almost only through the cleverly written dialogues and convince enough through isolated key scenes, but in interaction with the accurate turns and the sometimes very subtle narrative style, this positive effect is significantly increased.

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The bottom line is that there were a maximum of three short scenes in the six episodes not exciting or clever were. Most of the scenes, on the other hand, are both. Which to a good extent also the excellent actors is owed to all of them a most commendable job have done.

Especially should MattSmith as more fickle Prince Demon Targaryen – a character who is not only very worked out with love for detail was, but also by Smith precisely embodied will – be highlighted. However, like many other components of “House of the Dragon”, its complexity only becomes apparent in the later episodes.

Adding to all this well-deserved praise, just like the original, the excellent setting and the top notch costumes added. Not to mention the attention to detail in almost every scene. That CGI is mostly above average, but has certain weaknesses here and there, especially when complex landscapes are involved.


  • Exciting plot, full of equally exciting twists and turns
  • Complex characters that develop in a comprehensible way
  • Great attention to detail in individual scenes
  • Strong imagery, lots of subtle plot details
  • Magnificent stage design and first-class costumes
  • Outstanding acting
  • Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen


  • Occasional weaknesses in the CGI
  • A few storylines seem a little too rushed
  • Too many unnecessary references to “Game of Thrones”

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So you see, after six episodes we can say without blushing that the renewed hype surrounding the Got prequel series is entirely justified.

The negative criticisms are of solitary nature and the positives far outweigh the negative, especially in the areas where it matters. Only those who still couldn’t forgive “Game of Thrones” should maybe do that first season finale wait.