House of the Dragon: The book (and much more) on the new HBO hit series

Useless knowledge for Tolkien fans - the book for fans of Lord of the Rings &  hobbit

The ending of Game of Thrones may not have appealed to most viewers, but that doesn’t change the fact that GoT has entertained and delighted millions of people for years. Maybe it was precisely because of this unsatisfactory ending that the anticipation for the new House of the Dragon series was so great. Finally we return to Westeros, finally there is again intrigue, betrayal and lots of dragons. After all, the new series revolves around the house of Targaryen.

The first episode already showed that the anticipation was not unjustified. The pilot was not only extremely successful, but also shone with everything that made Game of Thrones great at the time: Atmospheric setting, dirty violence and a gripping story. And just like in GoT, we as viewers get various names and lands thrown at us that confused us more than once. Especially, of course, because Targaryen first names all sound the same and are often repeated.