IShowSpeed ​​asks viewers to help with school exam but tricks him into failing Dexerto

IShowSpeed ​​asks viewers to help with school exam but tricks him into failing Dexerto

YouTube star IShowSpeed ​​has been tricked by his viewers once again, this time being tricked into failing his school test.

IShowSpeed ​​became an overnight sensation back in April when an old clip resurfaced showing him berating a female teammate while playing Valorant.

Now, the 17-year-old star has over 10.8 million subscribers on YouTube and is arguably one of the biggest creators right now. However, with such a large audience, quite a few trolls come.

Recently, the popular streamer was beaten up by the police and even considered taking a break after harassment from haters. Now, his viewers have even somehow tricked him into failing a school exam.

in your stream on August 25the young creator opened his online school’s website, which showed him failing his classes with straight Fs.

IShowSpeed ​​then completed his overdue homework on global economy, where he asked his viewers to help him out.

Of course, they saw an excellent opportunity to trick the streamer by deliberately giving him the wrong answers. Having no idea what was going on, the streamer thanked his viewers before watching the results, only to prove that he didn’t even get a single correct answer.

“Sons of bitches, the chat idiots are so stupid,” he yelled. “You are all so foolish! Everyone wants me to fail,” she exclaimed. “Bro, chat, they want me to fucking fail!”

Similarly, almost the same thing happened again with his other assignments, but luckily he scored a little better. However, he still sits with an F in most of his classes. He always remember to stay in school kids.

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