Layers of Fears: Spooky gameplay trailer shows off new content at Gamescom

Layers of Fears (Adventure) von Bloober Team

The Layers of Fears gameplay trailer will be presented by Bloober Team as part of the Future Games Show at this year’s game fair. It mainly shows us new content.

While the announcement trailer still focused on the original story of the Layers of Fear series, the Gamescom trailer finally gives us some fresh fodder. In addition, the developers give a taste of how the improved technology of the Unreal Engine 5 will be used in the game.

Layers of Fears: New coat of paint for story and graphics

With the new exciting story chapter “The Final Note” we get a glimpse into the life of the painter’s wife. She is a failed pianist who vows never to become “one of his paintings”.

While we follow the character through a scary horror house in a mix of in-engine footage and gameplay footage, the woman’s initially soothing voice sounds in the background. Her words grow increasingly dramatic, however, until she promises to keep the drawings “scarred, broken, hidden from the world, trapped in this house.” This also worsens the situation in the building’s spooky corridors, where pieces of furniture are suddenly being thrown around and we’re being led down a flaming hallway full of steel chains hanging from the walls.

The nightmarish excursion seems like an eternity before we see the only glimmer of hope near the end. The picture turns white and blurry before we see a luminous lighthouse looming on the edge of a stormy shore. This already existed in Layers of Fear 2, which is why a link between the two storylines would be conceivable.

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Modern technology for the old horror hat

Thanks to some technical improvements, the new edition of the Layers of Fear parts should add some graphic shine. So it is that in Layers of Fears we can count on ray tracing, HDR effects, a 4K resolution and the lumen system. The horror trip should feel even more intense and realistic.

According to the Layers of Fears video description, we are “prepared for an exquisite horror experience thanks to expanded storylines that shed new light on the overarching storyline.” There are some exciting highlights for fans of scary games in the coming months: With Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game, a cult comedy with horror vibes gets an asymmetrical multiplayer adaptation with a Dead by Daylight touch. In addition, there is another exciting title in the room with The Callisto Protocol, whose new trailer shows particularly bloody gameplay scenes.