Played System Shock Remake: A cult game with a modern twist

System Shock: New gameplay trailer for the remake, Warren Spector speaks up (1)

If you’re familiar with the origins of classics like Bioshock or Deus Ex, you’ve probably heard the name of the series that popularized this special, atmospheric and complex type of first-person shooter: System Shock, of course , the pioneer of modern immersive sims. And even if you’re from system shock If you’ve never heard of anything, you should have the green visage of the stuttering AI SHODAN recognize who is your biggest opponent in the game. The venerable series currently has two games in the pipeline: Systemshock 3 has completely disappeared, but the elaborate remake of the first part is still being worked on by the retro experts at Nightdive Studios developed. On the Gamescom we played the project in its current state.

Then as now, System Shock puts you in the shoes of one hackersthe AI ​​of the space station Citadel manipulated for a sleazy corporate boss, triggering a catastrophe. After a long cold sleep you wake up on the station whose inhabitants have been turned into mutants. As you journey through the different decks of the Citadel, you’ll be followed at every turn by the stuttering killer AI SHODAN, who will unleash their security robots on you.