Players in New World have had to wait a long time – now they finally get a long-awaited feature

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New World’s big summer update was supposed to bring something that players have been asking for forever. But then the summer update appeared without the required feature, which is finally finding its way into the MMORPG.

What is the feature? The Dungeon Finder was supposed to come with New World’s big Summer Medleyfaire update, but the release was pushed back at the last second.

What is the dungeon finder good for? The Dungeon Finder is a “Quality of Life” tool that makes it easier for you to find groups for your dungeons and expeditions.

Such a dungeon finder is extremely useful for players, but has not existed in New World until now. Instead, players had to use the MMORPG’s chat to find fellow players.

That changes today, as Amazon Games officially announced that the dungeon finder is finally available in New World.

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New World announces the release of the Dungeon Finder on Twitter.

How does the dungeon finder work? Amazon Games contributed to the release of the dungeon finder Blog post on where they explain how to use the long-awaited feature. Thats how it works:

When you click Find Group, you’ll see a list of lobbies. Amazon Games describes these lobbies as an abode with its own lobby chat channel.

Once you have enough players for an activity, whoever created the lobby post can turn the lobby into a group and start the expedition. There can be up to 100 lobbies in total at the same time. You have the choice of founding your own lobby or joining an existing one.

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Play while waiting

This is what happens while waiting: If you’ve joined a lobby and are waiting for it to fill up and the activity to start, you can continue to “adventure,” Amazon Games writes in the blog post. A widget in the top right should inform you about the status of your lobby while playing.

Who determines the minimum level and the like? The creator of a lobby can set the minimum level and gear points for the lobby. He can also see what a lobby applicant’s current level, attributes, average gear points, equipped weapons, and mastery points are.

Who assigns the roles? When you apply to join a lobby, you must assign yourself a role (tank, heahler, damage dealer). This should help the lobby creator to find an ideal composition for his group.

What do you think of the dungeon finder in New World? Has it turned out the way you wanted it to and does it serve its purpose or are you rather dissatisfied with the implementation? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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