Samsung 990 Pro SSD introduced

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Without PCIe 5.0

Samsung is continuing to develop its own SSD portfolio and is introducing a new NVMe hard drive with the 990 Pro, which is intended to be the new reference model for PCIe 4.0 SSDs.


The Samsung 990 Pro SSD is launched in two different storage capacities.
The Samsung 990 Pro SSD is launched in two different storage capacities.

Hardware manufacturer Samsung has established itself as one of the leading producers of SSD storage in recent years – now the success story is to be continued with the 990 Pro SSD, as the company announced in a press release.

The new model should offer “the right mix of speed, energy efficiency and reliability” for gamers and creative people, as announced by KyuYoung Lee in his function as Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Team. For this purpose, Samsung relies on the latest V-NAND technology for the 990 Pro, but does not use the PCIe 5.0 interface and sticks to the current PCIe 4.0 standard.

Despite the lack of PCIe 5.0, there has been an increase in performance: The 990 Pro should achieve sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,450 megabytes per second or up to 6,900 MB/s. The random read and write speeds also increase to up to 1,400K and 1,550K IOPS respectively.

The newly used TLC controller promises energy efficiency that is up to 50 percent better than the current top model, the 980 Pro, thanks to its energy-saving architecture. For this purpose, the controller is coated with nickel and a heat spreader is used to evenly distribute the heat. A dedicated heatsink is not on board for the time being, but the introduction of such a version of the 990 Pro is planned.

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The 990 Pro will be officially released in October 2022. At the market launch, the SSD is available with either one or two terabytes of capacity – Samsung sets an RRP of 174.90 euros for the 1 TB model and 324.90 euros for the 2 TB version. A module with four terabytes is also in the works, which should finally appear in 2023.

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