Soulstice: You can now try the demo

Soulstice: You can now try the demo

If everything goes according to plan, the Hack&Slay Soulstice is coming September 20, 2022 on the market. However, you must don’t wait that longto get a taste of the action-packed gameplay. The responsible development team Reply Game Studios has namely suitable for Gamescom a demo made available for download.

This is what awaits you in the demo

While there is no official information as to what content and features will be included in the Soulstice demo (buy now €49.99) are included. However, it is clear that they have one small section of the action role-playing game that you can slice through to your heart’s content. You can use the basic controls and the very dynamic course of battles familiarize. You also get one little taste of the story of hack and slash. You can download the demo now download on Steam.

What is Soulstice about?

Soulstice comes from the Italian team Reply Game Studios, which deals with such titles as Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf and Theseus made a name for itself. The gameplay of the Hack&Slay is in the fictional kingdom of Keidas settled, This is considered by the Wraith’s known creatures that seek to devour all living things. Opposite them are the hybrid warriors named Chimera, who are considered the only hope in this fight. The focus is on the two sisters Briar and Luteeach reincarnated in the body of such a Chimera.