Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack Now Available on Consoles – News

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Aug 25, 2022 – 9:20 p.m — Last updated 34 minutes ago

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Paradox Interactive has that today Aquatics Species Pack (in the game check) for Stellaris (under review) also released for the console edition of the space strategy game. You can now dive into the successful expansion on Xbox and Playstation. The Aquatics Species Pack is available both individually and as part of the fifth expansion pass. Additional origins and traits for your empire, new ships, portraits and much more are now available for Konsoleros. You can watch the trailer for the launch directly under this news.

The contents of the Aquatics Species Pack in detail:

  • New Origins: Start with a mythical beast on your homeworld or start in oceanic paradise.
  • New Trait – Aquatic: When species evolve on ocean worlds, they are the stereotypical “fish out of water” on other worlds.
  • New Ascension Perk – Hydrocentric: If your race spends most of their time underwater, they will find cheaper and faster ways to alter their environment. Planets can be terraformed into oceanic worlds or enlarged by harvesting water from other planets.
  • A new ship set.
  • New Aquatics Dragon: A new space dragon populates the galaxy.
  • New Advisor: You can give your advisor a pirate voice.
  • 15 new Aquatics portraits.
  • New civic element – Angler: You can make good money with your farming districts thanks to the wealth of the seas.
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The Aquatics Species Pack is included in the fifth expansion pass for Stellaris: Console Edition along with the one released earlier this year Nemesis-Expansion included (in game check) and now available for all players who buy or have already bought the Expansion Pass. the overlordexpansion (in game check) will also be added to the fifth expansion pass in the near future.