Teslagrad 2 is coming to PC and console in spring 2023

Teslagrad 2 is coming to PC and console in spring 2023

In 2013, Rain Games released Metroidvania Teslagrad. At this year’s Gamescom, the developer studio, together with publisher Modus Games, announced Teslagrad 2. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this is a sequel to Teslagrad, but if Rain Games takes Remedy Games Alan Wake as an example, the 2 in the title could actually indicate a sequel.

Teslagrad sequel will be released in Spring 2023

In Teslagrad 2 you play as an all new protagonist named Lumina who crashes in Wyrmheim and accidentally finds a tower full of technological marvels. In terms of gameplay, you’re allowed to use your skills to solve physics-based puzzles, explore the tower, vanquish enemies, and of course, master platforming sequences.

The game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics with pastel tones that bring to life a variety of locations, from wild nature to industrial complexes. Teslagrad 2 draws its inspiration primarily from Scandinavian culture and folklore, which is why the developers affectionately refer to its title as “the first Scandivania”.