The Devil in Me preview: Here comes the real horror

As befits a game from Supermassive Games, bad decisions always give us the choice of who to let live.

After Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes this year follows the last chapter the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The Devil in Me concludes the series and wants to learn from the mistakes of its predecessors. According to the developers of Supermassive Games was that Community feedback accepted and that Gameplay evolved. For example, our characters can now climb and sprint, what with a horror gamewhere we often have to run away, doesn’t sound too bad.

In addition, the development team completely changes the scenario. It was still about in the three predecessors ghosts, witches and other monster, The Devil in Me scales back the paranormal a good bit or even does away with it completely. From the scenes shown so far, it cannot yet be completely ruled out that we will not also be dealing with the supernatural, but the last chapter in the series is more based on classic films such as SAW. Our five playable characters are taking it with one this time serial killer up, who has clearly taken a liking to macabre games.

The Devil in Me | PREVIEW | Goodbye supernatural, now comes the real horror

An important role in The Devil in Me plays Herman Mudgettbetter known as HH Holmes. In the 19th century, the American killed numerous people in his World’s Fair Hotel, becoming one of the first US serial killers.

Although the inglorious title of the first serial killer may well go to others in reality, HH Holmes still serves in the final chapter of the Dark Pictures Anthology as a great “inspiration”. According to myth, his three-story hotel was riddled with trapdoors, fireable chambers, and other gruesome secrets.

Also the SAW films (for which there is also a little successful game) serve as a template with their little games. Already in Until Dawn, published in 2015, Supermassive Games drew on various parallels iconic horror film series. It is to these games between Killer and our characters that we return in The Devil in Me.

Also classics like Psycho, Friday the 13th., The Shining and Halloween played a role during the development of the title. In the finished game we should even be able to recognize some passages from the classics.

As befits a game from Supermassive Games, bad decisions always give us the choice of who to let live.

Source: Supermassive Games/Bandai Namco

The story takes place despite reference to the 19th century in the present. A small TV crew makes documentaries about American serial killers. The last chapter should revolve around the murder hotel and HH Holmes. But the group ran out of funds.

Out of nowhere, a phone call gives them another chance: an architect and collector tells the production team about a hotel very similar to that of HH Holmes, including the interior design. Without much hesitation, the crew undertakes the journey and soon finds itself in the absolute horror again.

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