WoW: August 24th, 2022 Hotfixes – Bug fixes for Mythic+ and Fated Raids

WoW WotLK Classic: Gundrak

from Sebastian Glanzer
After the lower part of Karazhan was weakened in its Mythic Plus version in WoW Shadowlands, some bug fixes for this and other dungeons and fateful raids followed.

For the ID change on August 24, 2022, again Hotfixes for WoW Shadowlands played up. These are isolated bug fixes. These affect, among other things, attacks by mages and monks in fateful raids. In addition, according to the significant nerfs for the lower part of Karazhan fixed some bugs.

However, there are more bug fixes for Mythic Plus dungeons that are now online and should no longer appear in the list of hotfixes. A summary can be found below:

WoW Shadowlands Hotfixes of August 24, 2022


  • magician
    • arcane
      • Fixed a bug that caused Touch of the Magi Did less damage than intended in Fateful Raids.
  • monk
    • Fixed a bug that Bonedust Brew (Necrolord ability) did less damage than intended in Fateful Raids

dungeons and raids

  • Mythic+
    • Karazhan: Lower
      • phantom guest no longer has a random repertoire of abilities
      • ghost trap: Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (from 90 seconds).
      • Fixed a bug that caused tanks to have their threat reset when they were affected by the affix Stormy were hit.
      • Virtuous Maid
        • Fixed a bug that unfairly kills non-tanks after mass fine was used.
    • Tazavesh: Wondrous Roads
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