WoW: Forget normal housing! Here come the housing mounts!

WoW: Dragonflight: New Alpha Build - Class Revisions &  balancing

There are many features that would look great on WoW that never made it into the game. The most requested of these is almost certainly housing. In many other MMOs it is an elementary component and enjoys great popularity. In WoW, on the other hand, the developers find one excuse after another when it comes to why WoW does not yet have a housing system.

Sometimes the effort is too great, sometimes the technical hurdles are insurmountable and sometimes you prefer to wait until it fits the story of an expansion. If you are honest with yourself, you have moved away from the idea of ​​a classic housing system in WoW (buy now ) long gone. It doesn’t even need that if we get housing mounts instead! It was created by the 3D artist Fishbones, who has already developed several concepts for WoW in the past.