After PS5 price increase: Will Switch and Xbox Series also become more expensive?

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Just yesterday had Sony announced that the Playstation 5 would become more expensive in some regions, including Germany. Accordingly, the question now arises whether Microsoft and Nintendo with the Series X/S and the Switch also considering increasing the prices of their consoles. Both companies have now commented on this topic and given clear answers. Microsoft has told websites like Videogameschronicle or Windows Central that the prices of the Xbox Series X/S should remain the same: “We are constantly evaluating our business to bring great gaming options to our fans. The recommended retail price of the Xbox Series S remains the same $299 (£249.99, €300), and Xbox Series X at $499 (£449.99, €500)‘ said a Microsoft spokesman.

No price increase planned for Nintendo

The UK division of Nintendo has now also issued an official statement to Videogameschronicle and Eurogamer:

While the final price to consumers is always determined by the retailer, as Mr. Furukawa has said, Nintendo has no plans to increase the retail price of its hardware.In the statement, Furukawa is quoted from a shareholders’ meeting in June, during which he stated that there are currently no plans to adjust hardware prices due to inflation or increased procurement costs.