Amazon buys Electronic Arts? There is no offer

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from Sebastian Glanzer
After the Microsoft deal with Activision Blizzard, the game industry should be facing the next buyout with monopoly vibes. As USA Today reports, Amazon’s acquisition of Electronic Arts is to be announced later today. However, other sources such as Bloomberg say otherwise.

updated 8/26/22: The news kept the gaming world in suspense, yes Apparently Electronic Arts isn’t being bought up (yet?). through Amazon. Bloomberg reports.

A rumor is currently making the rounds in the games industry, which is quite something. Amazon is said to be making an offer today to buy Electronic Arts. This rumor comes from from the website and is based on information from the Swedish website happily. Apparently, large companies such as Apple, Disney and Amazon have been trying to make an offer to buy the video game publisher for weeks.

Amazon is long gone only the largest online mail order company, but is also expanding further and further into the entertainment segment, which is also making great strides in the television and video game sectors. Following the success of The Witcher and Arcane on Netflix – both series centered around major video games – Amazon could use EA’s franchises as backdrops for new series. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space – there’s a lot of potential for transmedia possibilities in the EA library. According to USA Today sources, the announcement will be made later today. So far, however, there has been no official statement from EA or Amazon

New task for the Cartel Office?

If the deal should really come about, it could be examined by the cartel office, similar to the Microsoft deal with Blizzard. In the games industry, it is now feared that all major publishers and entertainment companies will eventually be under the wing of two or three major global players.