Battlefield 2042: Season 2: Master of Arms officially announced

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EA and DICE have officially announced Season 2: Master of Arms for Battlefield 2042.

Electronic Arts and DICE reveal Battlefield 2042 – Season 2: Master of Arms. Season 2 will be available on all supported platforms starting August 30th and will include a new map, new Specialist, new weapons and hardware, updates to Battlefield Portal, and 100 Battle Pass tiers.

All new core content as well as the new Specialist and the weapons, vehicles, cosmetic items and more are available to all players as part of the free tiers of the Battle Pass. Additional cosmetic items are available through the premium version of the Battle Pass.

The official gameplay trailer can be seen here:

Season 2: Master of Arms moves the battlefield to Panama on the new map Stranded, where players fight in a dry lake over a stranded tanker known as the Starg Ceres, now used as an illegal arms market.

They are fighting for control of the shadow market and the arsenal of military hardware. Inside the Starg Ceres, players will experience intense melee combat with numerous cover options and short distances between targets.

Charismatic former arms dealer Charlie Crawford makes his debut as Battlefield 2042’s newest Specialist in Season 2. Charlie has a few tricks up his sleeve to give his team an edge.

He can fire at enemies with his stationary Vulcan Minigun, which can also be used by other Specialists once deployed, and aid his teammates by reviving them and ensuring their gadgets are resupplied.

In addition, Season 2: Master of Arms introduces an arsenal of new weapons and vehicles, as well as a new gadget. The new AM40 is a powerful carbine that sits somewhere between an assault rifle and an SMG.

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While the Avancys are ideal for reconnaissance units looking to provide support fire as a lightweight, high-tech SMG with maximum mobility and upgrade compatibility, the PF51 blurs the line between SMG and pistol. In addition, she has a huge magazine to fight multiple opponents. The new Concussion Grenade is a throwable object that temporarily confuses and disorients enemies to give the squad a tactical advantage.

No-pats can now drive across the battlefield with the four-seat EBLC RAM, which is highly maneuverable even at low speeds, and place a spawn beacon for the rest of the team. Players will also get access to the fast Polaris RZR in the first update of the season, making it easy to cover longer distances.

In addition, Season 2 also introduces the new Feature Inserts which gives players the opportunity to unlock weapons in All-Out Warfare previously only available in Battlefield Portal – starting with the legendary M60E4 and M16A.

More weapons will follow in future updates. Players can also use Missions to unlock the Season 1 vehicles, weapons, and Specialist if they missed them the first time. Battlefield Portal also gets new builder options that significantly expand the sandbox. For example, the new Custom Conquest preset will allow for new rule modifications in classic Conquest mode, and player-customizable objectives will create numerous new game types.

The first Battlefield 2042 update of the season also introduces new content for Battlefield Portal, including extra-small playfield options for intense melee combat experiences, and five classic weapons from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942.

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